Development of the first episode of Nelly 2 complete!

Super Hi! Development of the first episode of the second part of Nelly complete! Everyone is happy and satisfied! Now the game is traded in anticipation of sponsors (already have one suggestion), but only the beginning! And we, in turn, decided to dilute the development of the second episode of the new game about Vikings and magicians — is very tasty, juicy and fast!


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  1. JeongHwan Lyu

    I can’t write English, but, l want to tell you that my mind about this game!
    hummmmmmm, I more study english.
    anyway, I love this game! so, I shouldn’t have to wait next episode!
    I,too, don’t understand what sound.

  2. Hanna

    In Poland this game object worthy very popular. I fell in love Nelly Game 2 because seduced me with her story. Very I would like to play 2 part of this game. From about 1 year waiting for it. Yours.

  3. Clariene the broken goth

    Well, I really REALLY love this game. It is one of my childhood memory too! I hope the awaited episode 2 will be developed as soon as possible. ( Not forcing but…I really want episode two so bad like I was eager to die for it >.<)

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