Dangerous Adventure 2

This day came. It seemed to us that the development will go on forever. It has become our way of life, and now, when the moment is very close, rolls a wave of sadness and emptiness. This is the end, which can be a great beginning.
The last six months we stubbornly went to the final goal, deliberately increasing the content and polishing the game. And now it’s over. The game is ready.
This is a deep, complex, colorful game; We very much hope that you will enjoy.



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  1. Edwin

    The game is very enjoyable.

    Found a bug here.

    Game crash on combination of Bard & Monk & instant damage item.

    On map 10, 2nd teleport, enter the door above, first group of monsters.

    Use fury (red) to kill red/yellow/blue on first turn, then use 5 instant damage item. Exp/ingredients added for killed monsters. On killing last enemy, game crashes.

  2. Philip

    It’s indeed a very good game, but I’ve found some bugs:

    In Map 5, some of the enemies’ names do not match their graphics and stats, a group of enemies in Map 7 have the same problem.

    In Map 6, Ogreps’ skills appear in the queued action, but the icons do not deploy onto the field, making their skills completely useless.

  3. tom

    IT KEEPS CRASHING!!!!!!!!!!
    Can anyone help me out???
    Whenever i play the game, it keeps indefinitely looping the bard/monk bonus and i have to refresh the page before it crashes altogether. AND I MEAN WHENEVER!! Every site, every quality setting, every vpn, every swf, every single time i try to play this game, i cant do anything!!!!

    I just want to play this game…. ;_;

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