Dangerous Adventure 2

Hi ! All the forces directed into the development of Dangerous Adventure 2. We try to work as fast as possible, but the game is filled with new and new …

Immense army

We decided to take a breather in our large project and make a little game in the genre idle. Your goal — to create a huge, fearsome army.

StrikeForce Kitty: Last stand

The new version StrikeForce Kitty is so close! Your favorite kittens and completely new gameplay! Your main target — to defend the fortress from countless attacks simultaneously collecting and equipping …

Glove Trophy

And then, finally, package wrapped in the US, from Armor games. «Glove Trophy» — Arcade game of 2014 — Dangerous adventure!

Dangerous Adventure 2

For over a month goes leisurely development of our main project in 2015 — Dangerous Adventure 2. We have completely changed the style, now everything is in the form of …

Vikings !

Hi, everybody! Starts to develop a small game about Vikings! Yes, again, our favorite Vikings. However, now we are on their side! Our goal — is to capture islands,earn hill …

Intellectual fighting

It is time for intellectual fighting! Today we completed an unusual project in the genre — Fighting-Puzzle. The first part offers 8 characters, 16 skills, and 35 achievements.